What’s in my handbag? 

Okay so I’m not gonna lie at times I do have a lot of crap in my handbag. But today I thought of showing you what my handbag is like from the inside when it’s all clean. Basically what I carry with me in my bag on a everyday basis. 

The bag I use is a Micheal kors bag, I’ve been using this now for quite some time. I think I had bought it when I was on a holiday in Dubai. I like the fact that it goes very well with all my accessories 

What’s in my bag? 
Wallet: the wallet I am currently using is from Steve Madden, it has a lot of space for cards in it, and I am very happy with it so far. 

Body mist: The body mist that I have in my bag is the Victoria secret pink body mist in wild and breezy. It smells very fresh. 

Hand sanitiser: It’s from bath and body works. They always have a good range of hand sanitisers. 

Attimo lip balm: you always want a good lip balm in your handbag, this one is super moisturising! 

Mac velvet teddy: I always have this lipstick in my bag, I feel it’s the perfect nude shade. 

Zoella wonder hand: I have really dry hands, so to keep them moisturised I generally keep a hand cream in my bag. This one is one of my favourites from the zoella collection. 

Sunglasses: I’ve recently bought them from H&M. They suit my face shape a lot. 

Apple headphone: Always need some headphones in your bag. 
Instax mini 8: Okay so I have recently started carrying this around with me, just to capture some pictures. Works very well, although you have to make sure you have perfect lighting.


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