A trip to Hong Kong.

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well! If you’ve been following me on Instagram or snapchat you’d know that I had visited Hong Kong very recently. So I thought I’d write about my experience there and share a few pictures from the trip as well

I had gone for about 6 days so there wasn’t a lot I did but we did visit quite a few places. I had visited the Victoria peak, Disneyland and the ocean park. Also there is lot of shopping that can be done in Hong Kong. We visited the ladies market which is a really famous place for tourists and also the night market. 

If you ever visit Hong Kong make sure you visit the Victoria peak because it’s absolutely beautiful up there, you get a clear view of the entire city. 

As you may or may not know I had visited Disneyland  in Paris and comparing it to the Disneyland here in Hong Kong I found the Paris Disneyland much better. I found that place more lively and there were a lot more activities in Disneyland Paris. 

Comparing Disneyland and ocean park. I think I enjoyed more at the ocean park. There was a lot more that could be done there. The park was divided into two parts. At one side you could see pandas and penguins and Dolphins, also there was an aquarium there. At the other end of the park which you had to go through a cable car was an amusement park and a lot more activities. 

Over all I’ve had an amazing time in Hong Kong. Not only the place but also the people were really nice, kind and very helpful. Wee couldn’t really understand their language and there were communication problems but the people were very kind & helpful!

If you haven’t visited Hong Kong as yet, you must and if you already have visited it let me know about your experience in the comments down below!  

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