A trip to my dream land.

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I have visited a few European countries and loved most of them. Switzerland was on my list from a very long time as I’ve heard it’s extremely beautiful. And it truly is. Yes! I had recently visited it and fell in love with it.
The very first day we decided to go to the Rhine falls which is also known as the mini Niagara Falls. As it is Autumn the place was extremely breathtaking I absolutely loved it.
We also went to the Zürich lake which was super calming, as I have anxiety that place was perfect for me.
The next day we decided to visit inter laken as we had heard that’s a very beautiful place as well and it defiantly was. My sister wanted to do biking and paragliding but unfortunately it’s all only available in summer so we couldn’t. We had our dinner and went near by the lake. It took us 4 hours to reach there but the scenery outside whilst we were in the train made it worth sitting in a train for 4 hours.
I am looking forward to come back and see more of Switzerland.
And of course the Swiss chocolates! I am in love with them.
Let me know if you have visited Switzerland and what you love about that place!
I defiantly love each and everything about this place. From the people to the beauty of this place.


2 thoughts on “A trip to my dream land.

  1. WOW ! Switzerland looks a great place. It’s seems to be an amazing place if you need a break from your busy life.
    Its good that you got to visit your dream land ! Well, visiting Switzerland is in my buket list too. Hopefully if I get to go there I’ll surely visit the places you metioned beacuse they look absolutely beautiful, especially during autumn.


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