Zoella beauty: Tutti fruitti range.

zoella beauty

A little while ago I decided to get my hands on the new zoella beauty range. Now that I have got it I am obsessed with it! I am actually loving this range more than the previous one.
It is a very tutti fruity scent, a very fresh and fruity scent which is great for summer.

foam sweet foam

Foam sweet foam:

In the original collection there was ‘soak opera’ which could be used as both bath and shower gel, but this one is just a shower gel.
This does mean the bottle is a lot thinner than the soak opera, also it is very travel friendly.
It does smell amazing! And after use, feels extremely soft on your skin.
The collection is really affordable just like the previous one.
You can buy it here.

candy cream

Candy cream:
This is a body lotion and again it is very similar to the creamy madly dreamy body lotion.
This however has bursting beads in it which excites me extremely!
It has cute yellow polka dots on the packaging.
All the products have bursting beads of blueberry and acai berry so that is the kind of main skin benefit.
The best part is it drys nice and quickly.
You can buy it here.


kissy missy:
This is something which was never in the original collection. It’s a lip balm.
This though is super pigmented. It’s the best for summer.
The color is a very pretty like Barbie pink, which is a beautiful color.
Its feels nice on your lips and obviously it does not dry your lip as it’s a lip balm.
The color is very buildable, so obviously you can have the least amount or build the color.
Zoella Beauty Scrub
Scrubbing me softly:
This is my most favorite product from this range. This was again not in the original range, It’s an addition to this range.
It is a sugar scrub, which means it is very gentle to your skin.
The packaging again has yellow polka dots which I think is very cute.
It has tiny little beads and trust me it smells amazing!
It also has cocoa butter, acai berry and blueberry in it which makes your skin feel extremely soft.
You can buy it here.
Over all I would give this range a 4/5.
I am very proud of zoe for releasing such an amazing range.
Her winter collection is already out which im super excited to get my hands on!
you can buy all the products from feel unique which ship internationally.

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