Getting more positive.


Hi everyone, today I thought of doing something that I have never attempted to do before. I thought I would talk about how people think.
Why does a failure seem to stick in our mind so much longer than the success?
I started to think about this question. The question of do our minds get stuck in the negative?
We all know there are different ways of thinking about things.
The same glass can be seen as half full or half empty, and there is a lot of research on this that depending on how you describe the glass to people as half empty or half full is how they feel about it.
So if you describe the glass as half full this is called the gain frame focusing on whats gained and most people like it.
But if the same glass is described as half empty the loss is framed and most people dislike it.
But what happens when you try to switch? From thinking about it one way to another.
Can people change their thinking or do they get stuck in one way of thinking about it.
“Our view of the world tends to tilt towards the negative”.
It is quite easy to go from good to bad but far harder to shift from bad to good.
For that you have to train your mind that way.
It has been proven that just writing about the things that you’re grateful for can boost your happiness a lot more.
We can also reverse and share good news with others.
If we have had a bad day we tend to think that if we talk about it with others we will feel much better.
But in reality it only makes it even worse.
So we talk and talk and talk about the teacher that keeps shouting at you or about that friend who has lost contact with you or about how much you are stressed with your job.
But we forget… we forget to talk about the good stuff and yet that’s where our minds need the most practice.
At the end of the day, I generally talk to a friend of mine telling her how my day went, which is generally the negative part. After I’m done she asks me “ok,so whats the good thing that happened today?”
And I tell her about how I made a new friend or about the good grades I got.
And some how whilst I’m talking, I start to smile thinking, maybe my day wasn’t that bad after all.
I think we can also work in our communities to focus on the upsides.
We can be more aware that the bad tends to stick.
One mean comment can stick with somebody all day, all week even.
Somebody is mean with you and you be even more to them.
But what if the next time someone was mean to you, you forgive them or just ignored?
our minds may be built to look for the negative information or to hold on to it but we can change our minds if we put in some effort and start to see the glass a little more full. 🙂
So lets just try, not only to make ourselves more positive but also to make the world a little more positive.

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